Proof of Insanity

Come in to join Zinzi and Evertjan, an extraordinary duo that knows each other inside out, reaches understanding with a single look and can say anything with a touch. After more than a decade of working and living together full-time, they look back on their complex relationship, in which trust and struggle embrace each other. Let yourself be carried away by the unique acrobatic movement language they have developed, a language that is sometimes fragile, at other times spectacular and full of humor. With their inimitable dance between tenderness and chaos, they highlight aspects of a relationship that are difficult to express in words. Journey into an intriguing world where control is always temporary, through a mosaic of physical situations where playfulness reigns and logic twists.

The duet "Proof of Insanity" is an intimate invitation to keep challenging each other.  

Regie: Zinzi Oegema
Regard exterieur: Mahlu Mertens, Jan Daems, Hanneke Meijers
Music: My Blue Van
Lightdesign: Jacob Tewinkel
Costume design: Minka Parkkinen 
Scenography: Evertjan Mercier
Artists: Zinzi & Evertjan

Subventions Flemish government 
Co-producer PerplX
Co-producer Dommelhof
Co-producer CIRKLABO
Co-producer Tolhaus

Technical rider

video: Teaser Proof of Insanity