Proof of Insanity

Premiere 2023

In Proof of Insanity, Zinzi & Evertjan delve deeper into the happy nonsense of life. It provides the audience with a mosaic of physical situations that are sometimes fragile, sometimes spectacular or humorous. There are two people in a minimalist room. A bench variable in length from 10 cm to 10 meters like a harmonica becomes a third player. Fifty lamps create a starry sky full of movement, which affects them from above. This duet is an absurdist invitation to stop looking for logic or control and to perceive the beauty of action itself. 

Subventions Flemish government 
Co-producer PerplX
Co-producer Dommelhof
Co-producer CIRKLABO
Co-producer Tolhaus

video: Teaser Proof of Insanity