'Contemporary circus enriches physical exceptionality with everything it needs to tell what it wants. Srict expectations are absent and the non-existence of rules is its strength. I want to create performances that stimulate creative thinking in a visual way.' 

Zinzi started to do circus when she was four, at Circus Elleboog, the youth circus of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and just never stopped. She graduated in Rotterdam (NL) at Codarts Circus Arts, whit a minor in choreography. 

In 2017-2019 Zinzi goes through a development program to become a director in the circus genre, in collaboration with TENT. On this journey she creates three circus peices; MEMO (a duet for Evertjan and herself about identity and (in)dependence), Barstool Bound (a site-responsive acrobatic music performance set in pubs, about aging, for a quartet) and PIT (a mobile location performance that places its audiences looking down on a trio of acrobats). She writes the booklet 'GRIP – toolkit for creating contemporary circus' about her experciences and those of other creators to share knowlegde and practical tips. 

Zinzi hopes to inspire people with her work, to get them to open themselves up to more possibilities then they ever imagined thinking of. Not to judge on first impressions and in the end even surprise themselves.